President's Club event during Parent's Weekend

The President’s Club Membership

Members may join The President’s Club at any of seven commitment levels: Traditional, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, or Diamond.

Memberships are fluid; members may join at the Traditional level and, over time, increase their commitment to a higher level. Memberships are offered based upon one’s pledged commitment to provide a particular level of support over a period of ten years. Memberships are awarded at the time that a commitment is pledged.


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Matching gifts from a member’s past or present employer fully apply toward meeting membership guidelines.

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Privileges of Membership: A Circle of Friends

  • President’s Club members have the joy and privilege of assisting in the education of current and future Hillsdale College students, including the four students selected annually to receive the President’s Club Scholarship. We hear from them each year in The President’s Club News.
  • Members ensure that Hillsdale College can maintain its commitment to independence from all taxpayer funding—even indirect funding in the form of government student grants and loans—both now and in the long term.
  • Members become part of a special circle of friends who share a regard for learning, character, faith, and freedom—the purposes Hillsdale exists to serve.

Additionally, President’s Club members in good standing are among the first to receive invitations to events such as:

  • National Leadership Seminars which are held twice a year in major city venues. These seminars feature special receptions that allow members to visit informally with President Larry P. Arnn and the Hillsdale College Trustees.
  • Center for Constructive Alternatives (CCA) on-campus seminars.
  • Special events marking College milestones.
  • Educational cruises and tours with Dr. Arnn and the College staff.
  • Kirby Center special programs in Washington, D.C., including the College’s annual Constitution Day Celebration.

Recognition and Honoring a Strong Stance on Education

As a token of the College’s gratitude, President’s Club members in good standing are recognized in the following ways:

  • While attending a Hillsdale event, President’s Club members receive a framed certificate from Dr. Arnn, and are photographed for publication in The President’s Club News.
  • President’s Club members are honored guests at the annual President’s Club Breakfast during Commencement Weekend.
  • Members have reserved seating toward the front at Commencement and other events.
  • The names of President’s Club members are featured on interactive displays in the on-campus Dow Leadership Center and the Kirby Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Members receive special permanent nametags to wear at Hillsdale events.
  • President’s Club members receive special invitations throughout the year based on their membership levels.

Monitoring the Pulse of Liberty

President’s Club members receive the latest news about Hillsdale College and its students through The President’s Club News, published three times per year. The names of new members appear in this newsletter, along with updates on the latest College developments, often national in scope.

Membership Levels

Members may join at any of these levels:

10 Year Memberships

  • Traditional Level

    $15,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($1,500 per year or $125 per month)

  • Bronze Level

    $25,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($2,500 per year or $209 per month)

  • Silver Level

    $50,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($5,000 per year or $417 per month)

Lifetime Memberships

  • Gold Level

    $100,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($10,000 per year or $834 per month)

  • Titanium Level

    $250,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($25,000 per year or $2,084 per month)

  • Platinum Level

    $500,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($50,000 per year or $4,167 per month)

  • Diamond Level

    $1,000,000 or more, given outright or over 10 years
    ($100,000 per year or $8,334 per month)

* Company matching gifts count toward President’s Club pledges

Please Note: When members upgrade from one level to the next, we will send a new name badge with the corresponding color for that level. The badges will include their preferred name and their home state. We will consult members for whom we have multiple addresses on record to confirm their state preference.

Traditional, Bronze, and Silver Levels include membership for 10 years, commencing from the first gift given toward the pledge or when pledge is booked, whichever comes first. Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond Levels are for life.

The gift receipted portion of Planned Gifts will be considered cash gifts and qualify for the President’s Club at the appropriate level. Planned Gifts include, but are not limited to, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, life estates, and pooled income funds.

Bequests made in a donor’s will, revocable trust, or irrevocable trust, as well as beneficiary designations made on an account, annuity, or insurance policy will qualify for the Legacy Club at the appropriate level.

Upgrade your Membership

Once a member has finished the previous pledge level, he or she may choose to upgrade to the next level, as follows:

  • To Bronze (from Traditional)

    $20,000 more over ten years
    ($2,000 per year or $167 a month)

  • To Silver (from Bronze)

    $35,000 more over ten years;
    ($3,500 per year or $292 per month)

  • To Gold (from Silver)

    $70,000 more over ten years
    ($7,000 per year or $584 per month)

  • To Titanium (from Gold)

    $200,000 more over ten years
    ($20,000 per year or $1,667 per month)

  • To Platinum (from Titanium)

    $350,000 more over ten years
    ($35,000 per year or $2,917 per month)

  • To Diamond (from Platinum)

    $750,000 more over ten years
    ($75,000 per year or $6,250 per month)

Members may specify the use of their gifts:

Unrestricted Gifts support the Independence Fund, which covers College operating requirements and educational programs exhibiting the greatest need.

Designated Gifts directed by a member may support specific academic programs or departments, outreach, capital projects and improvements, undergraduate or graduate school scholarships, athletic programs or departments, or the general endowment.

Named Endowments may be designated by an individual or couple to a specific endowment fund which they have named; the annual income may be used to support the College’s general operations, or a specific academic or outreach program.

Private Scholarships protect Hillsdale College from the government regulations that come attached to taxpayer-funded federal and state student grants and loans, which are not accepted here. In the course of the Four Pillars Campaign, which concludes in 2024, the College aims to raise $260.2 million in endowment for scholarships. President’s Club members may designate their pledge to the general scholarship fund or the many other existing scholarship funds. They may also choose to establish a named endowed or annually-donated scholarship with their own criteria.