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2014 Archives | Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Economics of Baby Boomers" 

P.J. O'Rourke
Author, The Baby Boom: How it Got That Way

Panel 1: "Bitcoins"

Chair: Gary Wolfram
Hillsdale College

  • "History of Alternative Currencies"
    Garrick Hileman
    London School of Economics
  • "How Bitcoins Work"
    Sam Patterson
    Author, Bitcoin Beginner
  • "Bitcoins: Problems and Prospects"
    George Selgin
    University of Georgia

"Obamacare and Productivity"

Casey Mulligan
University of Chicago

Panel 2: "Income Inequality"

Chair: Burton Folsom
Hillsdale College

  • "The History of Income Inequality in the U.S."
    Michael D. Tanner
    Cato Institute
  • "The Effect of Government Intervention"
    Robert Rector
    Heritage Foundation
  • "Income Inequality as a Political Issue"
    Tim Carney
    American Enterprise Institute

Panel 3: "The Finances of American Cities"

Chair: Kris Mauren
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

  • "Lessons from Detroit"
    Kevin D. Williamson
    National Review Online
  • "Lessons from Vallejo, Stockton, and San Bernardino"
    Wayne Winegarden
    Pacific Research Institute
  • "Lessons from St. Petersburg"
    Rick Baker
    Author, The Seamless City

"The Problem of Crony Capitalism"

Charles Payne
FOX Business Network