A Life-Defining Experience

That’s really not too much to ask from a college.

At Hillsdale College, our goal is simple and profound: to help you understand what is noblest and best in yourself and the world. Our demanding courses stress the importance of reflecting and asking questions, which you’ll do in the classroom and outside of it. That’s how you’ll become more than a college graduate—you’ll understand how to live a life defined by the good, the true, and the beautiful.


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If you’re looking for a college that prizes learning and values intellectual enthusiasm—where everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose—consider Hillsdale. See how the study of good things for their own sake is exhilarating, and the best preparation for life. 

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Click here for details on campus visits or call our Undergraduate Admissions Office at (517) 607-2327 for details on individual campus visits, our official Visit Days, or summer campus visits.

To schedule a visit for the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship, please call (517) 607-2483.

Note About Campus Construction

Construction for the Christ Chapel at Hillsdale College will commence in March 2017. During this time, certain areas of campus will be fenced off and have restricted access.

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Honor Code

What is the Hillsdale Honor Code?

Our Honor Code isn’t just about academic honesty. It’s an affirmation of self-government, setting forth the moral and intellectual virtues necessary for a just and honorable life. Think of it as a benchmark for every educated man and woman.

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What’s distinctive about academics at Hillsdale?

Hillsdale is the opposite of everything that’s trendy and shallow in contemporary college education. At Hillsdale, you’ll have the time and freedom to do full justice to timeless, inescapably relevant ideas about the individual and society. You’ll know learning is prized and intellectual enthusiasm is valued.

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After Graduation

2018 Senior Class

How does Hillsdale College help prepare you for a career after graduation?

You’ll work harder at Hillsdale than you ever have before. Ultimately, however, the goal isn’t just about getting an A—it’s excelling as an informed, active citizen. You’ll be a poised, compelling communicator. You’ll be able to think on your feet and assess complex situations clearly. Not coincidentally, employers think the world of people with this level of discipline and skills.

Campus Culture

The lessons taught in Hillsdale classrooms—through critical thought, healthy discourse, and pursuing truth—come to life all over our vibrant campus in student clubs and activities.