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Scholarships & Financial Aid


Hillsdale’s cost of attendance is significantly less than other nationally ranked, private liberal arts colleges. We’re proud to be considered a great value. In fact, almost every student receives some form of aid, from scholarships to grants and loans, to student employment. The average 2017-2018 financial aid package was $21,014 with 97% of students offered financial aid.


Quality Education. Affordable Cost.

But what makes Hillsdale different from so many other colleges and universities is the source of that financial aid.

To maintain our institutional independence, we accept no state or federal funding—even indirectly in the form of student grants or loans. All of our financial aid packages are made possible by the gifts of hundreds of thousands of generous donors nationwide. Most of these supporters are neither alumni nor parents of graduates; they give because they believe in the need to teach the principles of liberty and independence that Hillsdale has taught and exemplified since its founding.

You still have to fill out a form, but many families find that our Hillsdale College Confidential Family Financial Statement (CFFS) is far simpler to fill out and less invasive than the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. And we’ll work closely with you to tailor a package to fit your family’s situation.

Institutional Independence

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An education unfettered by government subsidies

From its founding, Hillsdale has been nationally recognized for independence from federal and state subsidy. Our commitment safeguards our ability to serve the mission of the College and preserves the integrity of our liberal arts curriculum.

Across the nation, generous people who believe in Hillsdale’s mission support our independence through their gifts and allow us to provide generous scholarships and privately-funded, need-based aid to our students.

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Affordable Cost

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A top-tier education, for a fraction of the price

Hillsdale’s cost of attendance is significantly less than the cost of attending other nationally-ranked, private liberal arts schools with whom we compete. We are consistently ranked in the top tier of colleges and named a “best-value” school by college ranking guides like the Princeton Review, Kiplinger, Forbes, and others.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, all students benefit from our substantial endowment; billed costs represent just over half of the actual cost to educate a student for a year.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Generous, individually-tailored financial aid packages

Almost all students receive some form of aid, including scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment.

The average 2017-2018 financial aid package was $21,014 with 97% of students offered financial aid.

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Here to Help

The counselors and staff of the Financial Aid Office bring over one hundred years of combined service to Hillsdale College students and parents. We draw upon our extensive expertise to help you secure the financial aid you seek. Please contact us with any of your education financing questions.