Parents Weekend Luncheon

Parents Association


The purpose of the Association is to assist Hillsdale College in the service and advancement of its mission.

The Association advances these ends by promoting them and soliciting support for them among parents. Through involvement in College projects and functions, fundraising and student recruitment, and effective communication with parents and others, the Association serves students by helping the College enrich students’ lives and ennoble their humanity.


Director of Parent Relations

Mary Ewers
[email protected]

Executive Assistant to Director of Parent Relations

Cheryl Clawson
[email protected]


All parents of the Hillsdale College students will be members of the Hillsdale College Parents Association. For membership information to the Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC), please contact Director of Parent Relations, Mary Ewers.

Download the Fall 2021 Parents Weekend Schedule (PDF)

Parents Association Steering Committee


  • Matthew and Kati Molloy – VA
    Rebekah ‘17
    Rachel ‘17
    Hannah ‘20
    Sarah ‘22


  • Bill and Carolyn Melanson – SC
    Evyn ’17
    Lauryn ’22

Faculty Representatives

  • *Dan York –Biology
  • *Don Westblade – Religion
  • *Mark Kalthoff – History


  • Lowe and Risa Billingsley – CO
    Morgan ‘22
  • Charles and Michelle Bufkin – TX
    Charles ‘22
  • Bob and Kirstin Cenk –PA
    Shane ‘22
  • Brad and Julie Clark – MI
    Anna ‘22
    Sarah ‘23
  • Eric and Kathy Dillow – NE
    Allison ’23
  • Jim Fahs and Suzanne Mulet – UT
    Alexandra ’23
  • Dennis and Marily Fassett – MI
    Victoria ’17
    Catherine ’19
    Dennis ’21
    Anika ’23
  • Will and Marla Fieser – CA
    Andreas ‘19
    Anna ‘22
  • Stephen and Elisa Fleischer – CO
    Michael ’22
  • Michael and Glee Hoonhout – NY
    Noah ‘23
  • Troy and Kristi Kinney – AZ
    Calvin ’19
    Max ’25
  • Jay (Rusty) and Renee Korhonen – MI
    Brandon ‘ 22
  • Rose Lykins – OH
    Jacob ‘22
  • Mike and Amy McClure – IN
    James ‘22
  • Merrill and Jena Morey – IN
    Russell ‘13
    Dani ‘17
    Luke ‘22
  • Gregg and Maureen (Momo) Renkes – WY
    Ian ‘22
  • Brandon and Kourtney Shaeffer – CA
    Kamdyn ‘22
  • Stan and Gretchen Smith – NE
    Margaret ’24
    Ciaran ’25
  • Greg Stuchell and Heather Tritchka-Stuchell – MI
    Chloe ’23
  • Matt and Danelle Sturdy – MI
    Joseph ’24
  • Richard and Angela Teska – IL
    Abigail ‘20
    Amelia ‘23
  • Ed and Kiki West – WI
    Gill ‘19
    Nicholas ‘22
    Garrett ‘15
  • Joe and Anne Wheeler – IL
    Aidan ‘21

Parents Association Sub-Committees

The PASC has formed several sub-committees for which you may volunteer:

Fundraising Sub-Committee

The Fundraising Sub-Committee will assist with the Parent Phonathon and with other college-approved fundraising activities.


 Bob Cenk

[email protected]

Freshman/New Parent Sub-Committee

The Freshman/New Parent Sub-Committee will help coordinate parent volunteers for the College’s varied “new student” activities, in efforts to welcome new parents to the Hillsdale College family and invite them to be active members in the Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC).


Glee Hoonhout
[email protected]

Career Opportunities Sub-Committee

The Career Opportunities Sub-Committee will coordinate parent volunteers as a resource pool for potential internship and job opportunities, to support the efforts of the Career Planning and Placement Office. New information will be coming soon.


Greg Renkes
[email protected]

Hillsdale Parents Prayer Partners Sub-Committee

The Prayer Partner Sub-Committee seeks to bring the specific needs of Hillsdale College, our students, and our faculty before the LORD in prayer.  We believe that God is in control of all things and that without His assistance we cannot hope to be or achieve all that He would have for us.


Kristi Kinney
  [email protected]

Hillsdale College Admissions Assistance Program (HCAAP)

The Admissions Office travels throughout the country to recruit the next great class of Hillsdale College freshmen. Admissions counselors offer regional interviews, visit high schools, host admissions receptions, and cover college fairs. If an event conflicts with others, or when the event is large enough to need more than one person, the Admissions Office reaches out to alumni and parents to represent Hillsdale College on our behalf.


Sara Good
 [email protected]

(517) 607-2353