Classical Liberal Arts Core

Why It Matters

Staying true to the original meaning of “liberal arts” is starting to feel like a rediscovery.

At Hillsdale, “the liberal arts” isn’t another name for general education requirements you’re supposed to slog through before you go on to your major. The liberal arts here are studied the way they were meant to be: as a means of understanding the good, the true, and the beautiful. You’ll study inescapably relevant ideas, whether they originated in Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, America’s founding era, or our own times.

While liberal arts curricula at other universities take on contemporary works with temporary relevance, at Hillsdale you’ll explore timeless themes and learn from some of humanity’s greatest thinkers. That might read like a grand overstatement: trust us, it isn’t. Here, the questions are provocative, the debates robust, and the coursework intense. This journey is designed to lead you to universal truths.

At A Glance

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