Men's Swim Club

The Hillsdale College Swim Club offers the men of Hillsdale an opportunity to train, compete, and improve as swimmers, setting goals achieved through consistent practice, breathing and stroke technique drills, and workouts outside of the pool. The group holds one another accountable both in and out of the water, aspiring to academic and athletic achievement, as well as excellence of character in accordance with the Hillsdale College Honor Code.

Contact Information:

President: Douglas Williams

Vice President: Evan Gensler

Director of Facilities: Jeff Meyers

Treasurer: James DeFontes

Advisor: Marshall Gobba


Schedule, Spring 2013

Grand Valley State 2/16/13

Central Michigan University 2/23/13

Western Michigan University 3/15/13



Luke Bessmer

James DeFontes

Drew Dickerson

Evan Gensler

Jeffrey Meyers

Dakota Michael

Jacob Mueller

Jacob Stratman

Ben Strickland

Doug Williams



(coming soon)