Hillsale Hepcats Swing Club

Hillsdale Hepcats Swing Club


The Hillsdale Hepcats Swing Club is dedicated to teaching, practicing, and enjoying swing dance as a joyful celebration of the connection between lead, follow, and music, in order to preserve the legacy of American vernacular jazz music and culture on Hillsdale’s campus.


The Hillsdale College Swing Club, also known as the Hillsdale Hepcats, has been a part of Hillsdale’s campus since the 1940’s. We provide swing lessons and open dance with period and contemporary swing music.

Student instructors teach weekly lessons on Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, and other dance forms.

We meet once a week on Friday nights in the Old Student Snack Bar. Beginner and intermediate lessons start at 8:00 p.m. and open dance starts at 9:00 p.m.


To receive weekly updates on upcoming activities, simply send an email to [email protected] and request to be added to the email list. New club T-shirts are designed each year and can be ordered at the end of the fall semester.

Individuals interested in joining the club officer board can apply at the end of the fall semester when officer applications are released.


The club hosts campus-wide swing dance parties throughout the year, often featuring themes and live music, and provides dancers at the Jazz Afterglows after the orchestra concerts each semester. Hillsdale swing dancers also have opportunities to travel around southern Michigan and the Midwest region to swing dance events and exchanges hosted by other scenes. Up-to-date details about all of these activities, as well as photos from Friday Night Swing, can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

Student Contact

Greg Clement

[email protected]

Club Contact

[email protected]


Faculty Advisor

Angie Pytel

[email protected]