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Nature and Nature’s God bestowed upon every human person the gift of life, and the liberty to pursue the fulfillment of that life.

As those who are able to enjoy the fruits of those gifts, we consider it our duty to defend them, putting an end to the culture of death, and promoting the advent of a culture of love. In pursuit of this universal call and duty, Hillsdale College for Life advances this mission through the education of our minds, active witness of our bodies, and dedication of our souls.


Hillsdale College for Life is Hillsdale College’s pro-life organization. Hillsdale College for Life recognizes that every human being, from the moment of conception, is endowed with the inviolable right to life. Focusing mainly on the tragedy that is abortion, Hillsdale College for Life believes that the intentional taking of any innocent human life, at any stage of development, is a moral evil. Our primary goal is to promote the protection of the unborn.


Throughout the year, Hillsdale College for Life organizes numerous events in order to encourage people to affirm their pro-life stance. Activities include monthly visits to pray at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Ann Arbor, participation in the annual Life Chain along M-99, and volunteering with both the local crisis pregnancy center and the Hillsdale County Right to Life. Hillsdale College for Life’s biggest event is an annual January trip to Washington, D.C., to attend the March for Life. In 2011 nearly 400,000 people participated in this event, including nearly 140 Hillsdale College students (10 percent of the student body).

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 Hannah Stinnett

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Dr. Yaniga

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