The Jewish Mishpacha of Hillsdale College

The Jewish Mishpacha of Hillsdale College is a religious and social organization formed to provide a Jewish “mishpacha,” a family, for Jewish students while they are away from their family and attending Hillsdale College. Its goal is to provide a strong, united Jewish community on campus, as well as educational opportunities for those interested in observing and learning about the customs and beliefs of the Jewish faith. The group welcomes and encourages the interest and participation of its Christian and secular friends in all of its activities, events, and worship.

Student Contact

Lyla Stilman

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Josh Fincher

[email protected]


Through Shabbat dinners, observance of Jewish holidays, speakers, and other activities, the Jewish Mishpacha provides a way to better understand the “Judeo” portion of the Judeo-Christian foundation of Hillsdale College. The group encourages its Christian and secular friends to join in and find out more about the rich history of Judaism, as well as the cultural, political, and religious beliefs of its adherents.