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Domestic Harmony

Hillsdale College

Mission Statement

This GOAL program strives to assist Domestic Harmony as they provide emergency response and supportive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in an effort to improve the lives of individuals and families and to break the cycle of violence in broader society.


Domestic Harmony provides emergency response and support to those victimized by domestic and sexual violence in the Hillsdale community. They also advocate for changes that will break the cycle of violence in our society as a whole. Their services include emergency shelter, a 24-hr crisis line, counseling, legal advocacy, and providing prevention education to local students. College volunteers will be trained and have the opportunity to interact with Domestic Harmony’s clients and staff while providing reception services.

Student Contact

Emma Matheson

[email protected]

Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers

[email protected]
Ashlyn Landherr

[email protected]