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Kelly Kane

Admissions Counselor
Alaska, Arizona, Southern California (Zip Codes 90001-93599), Hawaii, New Mexico
My favorite memories as a student involved being mercilessly teased by my favorite English professor, Dr. Sundahl, trips with friends to Hawaii, Alabama and South Carolina, studying the beautiful poetry of T.S. Eliot, Senior Dinner with College President Dr. Arnn and his wife, crafting costumes for sorority and fraternity date parties, dancing in Mock Rock at the Homecoming festivities, hearing from the inspiring guests that speak on Hillsdale’s campus, and laughing with friends over cups of coffee or ice cream cones. Now that I am an alumna, I experience the boundless joy of visiting friends across the country; despite the geographic distance that graduation brings, the unique community of Hillsdale College continues.
— Kelly Kane

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Kelly hails from Richmond, Michigan. During her time as a Hillsdale student, she was a member of the Honors Program, mock trial team, held several on-campus jobs, and served in leadership roles in her sorority.