Reagan Dugan

Reagan Dugan

Admissions Counselor
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Hillsdale forced me to grow and gave me a community to grow with. The curriculum showed me passions I never knew I had. I found myself among professors and peers I wanted to be like: they came alongside me, and formed my intellect and character.
— Reagan Dugan

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Reagan grew up in Kansas City and began to develop an interest in the classics during high school that led him to Hillsdale. The quality of Hillsdale students convinced him it was the right fit. While he initially planned to study Greek and Latin only to satisfy minimum requirements, he was ultimately so impressed with the professors in the department he took a classics major and graduated in 2020. He spent most of his free time as a student in the Simpson Residence, working as a resident advisor for three years, and loved to support Charger athletics, cheering on the football, basketball, and volleyball teams from the student section. His favorite classes included the Poetry of Horace, Renaissance Intellectual History, Plato’s Phaedo, and the Two World Wars.