Miles Smith

Miles Smith IV

Assistant Professor of History
“[God] does not require of us to despair of ourselves and of our species, to abandon all efforts for its progress, or to shut our hearts against a tender sympathy in its weal or woe; but He does forbid us to exalt our own nature into an idol.”
— François Guizot

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Ph.D., History, Texas Christian University

M.A., History, the Citadel and the College of Charleston

B.A., History, the College of Charleston


I’m a trained historian. I attended university at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, and I got my Ph.D. from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. My research is on the U.S. South and the Atlantic world. I generally write on intellectual history—ideas, religion, slavery and freedom, etc.—but I occasionally dabble in political history, too. I’m also interested in Europe and in Latin America. I edit nineteenth century works of historical theology and am revising a religious biography of Andrew Jackson. I also sometimes write for popular outlets like Mere Orthodoxy, The Gospel Coalition, Public Discourse, The Federalist, and The University Bookman.
My professional life has taken me from TCU, where I taught as a graduate assistant, to Hillsdale College, where I taught for two years, to Regent University in Virginia Beach, and now back to Hillsdale.
I grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina, which is about 45 minutes north of Charlotte. My parents and brother live in Charlotte now so that’s generally what I consider my adult hometown. When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family and friends, reading, and writing, and trying to find someone to play tennis with me. I’ve always been devoted to essays, novels, and poetry, but like anyone raised in the small-town South, I also like certain less-refined things like sports and [don’t tell my mother] pro wrestling.