Hans Noyes

Senior Hans Noyes Creates Exhibit on Hillsdale’s Religious History

Senior history major Hans Noyes, ’18, focused on Hillsdale’s religious history in his Museum Studies senior project. In January, Noyes gave a presentation to students, faculty, and staff in Mossey Library, where his exhibit remained for the spring semester.

Among the facts Noyes presented: Hillsdale was established as a Christian school by Free Will Baptists and was affiliated with that denomination for roughly 70 years; the College’s Articles of Association state that “it shall be a conspicuous aim to teach by precept and example the essentials of the Christian faith and religion”; the College had a seminary for a time in the late 1800s, and students were required to attend chapel until the mid-1960s; and Hillsdale has always welcomed students of all denominations.

Noyes’ exhibit contained many archival materials, including a 1978 Christian Studies brochure, a nineteenth century College Baptist Church Bible, and photos and correspondence from Edmund Fairfield, an early president of Hillsdale, and of Hillsdale’s “grand old man” Ransom Dunn.

Noyes plans to enroll in a graduate program in museum conservation and eventually become a professional conservator.

Printed in the Spring 2018 Alumni Magazine