Martin Kulldorff speaks on COVID-19 lockdowns and public health

Hillsdale College’s Blake Center Hosts Academy for Science and Freedom Fellow

Martin Kulldorff speaks on COVID-19 lockdowns and public health

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HILLSDALE, Mich. — Martin Kulldorff, a founding fellow of Hillsdale College’s Academy for Science and Freedom and epidemiologist, spoke at the College’s Blake Center for Faith and Freedom on Oct. 6. Kulldorff lectured on “COVID-19 and the Forgotten Principles of Public Health.”

In his address, Kulldorff reviewed the Academy for Science and Freedom’s “Ethical Principles of Public Health,” co-authored by Kulldorff and other prominent scientists and public policy experts. He argued that public health should focus on the health of the whole population, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups.

“Public health is about overall health — all health. It’s not just about a single disease. We can’t just focus on COVID-19 because there’s cancer, there’s cardiovascular disease, there’s mental health, and so on,” said Kulldorff. “In public health, the whole purpose is to take care of the health of the whole population … that includes children and those who are most vulnerable, for COVID-19, it’s the older people who are most vulnerable.”

Kulldorff analyzed the response to COVID-19 and said the coercive public health and vaccination policies have caused distrust among the public.

“By forcing the code of vaccines, there’s much less trust in other vaccines like polio vaccine, which is an important vaccine,” Kulldorff said. “Public health has to be based on voluntary measures.”

Kulldorff concluded his remarks by addressing the conflict of interest in public health, arguing that it is important to have open scientific discussions and avoid dangerous censorship.

“We can’t shut down scientific discussions. When a new pandemic comes, we have a lot we don’t know about and we have to discuss it,” Kulldorff said. “When I have a scientific colleague that thinks differently than me, I don’t want to silence him or her; I want to debate him or her.”

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