William Voegeli presents a lecture to grad students

M.A. in Politics Requirements

The aim of the M.A. program is for students to develop a firm knowledge of the first principles of American constitutionalism and to understand the fate of those principles in American political development and contemporary American politics. Since the first principles of American constitutionalism and subsequent developments in the American political tradition have been informed by the great works of Western political thought, students ought also to understand the critical elements of Western political thought, both classical and modern.


Note: This represents a general overview of the requirements. For more information, please see the Graduate Handbook or contact the Graduate School.

M.A. in Politics

  1. Thirty-six credit hours
  2. Minimum of nine hours in each of the two tracks: political philosophy and American politics
  3. Maximum of nine hours in advanced undergraduate courses cross-listed for graduate credit (only courses designated at the 500 level). This maximum may be raised in individual cases of compelling need at the discretion of the Graduate Dean, and the Dean will determine on a case-by-case basis which track (political philosophy or American politics), if any, will be credited for each 500-level course.
  4. Successfully passing a comprehensive examination (consisting of written and oral components) given during the final semester or, with appropriate approval and in accordance with a prescribed timeline, completion of and oral defense of an M.A. thesis, which will count as 6 credit hours toward the 36-hour requirement.
  5. For students in the doctoral program having completed the Doctoral Qualifying Examination and at least 36 credit hours, the M.A. degree may be earned without taking M.A. comprehensive exams or completing an M.A. thesis.