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Places To Study During Finals Week

Written by Jo Kroeker

Looking for a place to study for final exams or to finish that twenty-page term paper? Whether you need a dead-silent space in which to think, a place where you can grab a coffee while memorizing flashcards, or some natural lighting to brighten the monotonous process of organizing class notes, we’ve got you covered. Check out these ten spots!

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  1. Blue Hat Coffee
    Need a break from campus? Tired of not getting everything done because you’re social studying? Drive twenty-five minutes to Coldwater’s Blue Hat Coffee, a combination coffee shop and gallery with plenty of room to spread out and study. With no music playing on loudspeakers, you can grab your latte in a ceramic mug “for here,” open up your laptop, and get productive. And don’t leave until that essay is done.
  2. “The Eagle’s Nest:” The Bridge between Dow Science and Strosacker 
    Is the lack of natural light getting you down? Are you S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Go to “the bridge,” a windowed passage that connects Dow Science and Strosacker, to study for your bio exam or write your lab report.The "Eagle's Nest" in Strosaker
  3. Anti-Social Study Desks
    Are you looking to study by yourself? Descend to Purgatorio of Mossey Library and hit up one of the enclosed desks perfect for eliminating all distractions. Need to cram or go to town on an essay? Nab a study room for one. Study groups will thank you forever.
  4. The Old Snack Bar 
    Get a blast from the past and set up your study materials in the old student union, located behind the Knorr Student Center. When not occupied by swing and ballroom dancers, this space doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Unlike AJ’s, you’ll never have to worry about booths being taken by laptops, backpacks, and jackets.
  5. Wiegand Computer Lab
    Is your laptop tired? Got too many tabs open, yet you simply cannot close them until you’ve finished your research and done that DIY project? Walk across the quad to the computer lab in Knorr Student Center. It has lots of updated Macs ready for use. You’ll never need to search for an open computer at the library again! Take advantage of the new technology and the quiet atmosphere to crank out an essay or polish your PowerPoint presentation.
  6. Greenhouse 
    When spring arrives and people wear shorts and sun dresses in forty-five-degree weather, head over to the greenhouse with Dante in hand. Soak in the sun and the extra oxygen from the plants and dedicate some quiet time to reading. Who knew homework could be so pleasant?Greenhouse
  7. Lane and Kendall End Rooms
    These rooms, furnished with chairs and (sometimes) attached desks, are in a prime location. Close to your Lane and Kendall classes, they offer you the space to do that last bit of reading you put off right before Great Books, or to get a head start on your next project.End Room in Lane
  8. Lane Basement Computer Lab 
    If you’re a regular undergrad, chances are the first building you became familiar with was Lane. But tucked away in its basement is a computer lab, of which many students do not take advantage—and that is why you should. Grab a coffee from AJ’s and settle down at one of the computers to churn out your final papers without all the distractions of your personal computer.Lane Computer Lab
  9. Top Floor of Kendall
    Natural lighting from huge windows and a bird’s eye view of the school make these rooms great and oft-coveted study spaces. With plenty of space to spread out, you can grab a friend and claim one of the conference rooms, furnished with white boards and nice office chairs. You won’t have to worry about distractions (aside from looking out the window!) because other rooms on this floor are reserved for faculty offices.
  10. Individual Study Rooms on the First Floor of Knorr Student Center
    Hopefully you have found the writing center at this point, and if not, you just haven’t had Great Books yet. Whether you have or have not ventured down the stairs of the Knorr Student Center, at the bottom you’ll find not only the writing center but individual study rooms. This is way off the beaten path for those who are used to studying in the Union or the top floor of the library.

Jo KroekerJo Kroeker, ’18, studies French and journalism and is a reporter for the student newspaper the Collegian and a student writer for Hillsdale College’s marketing department. She is a Central Valley native who loves baking, playing violin, climbing, figure skating, and practicing yoga when she has the chance. She’s an avid jazz fan and is currently obsessed with Jack Kerouac.