Megan Fogt

Megan Fogt

Written by Luke Daigneault

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of the greatest female basketball players in the history of Hillsdale College, Megan Fogt. She was just named as a Second Team Academic All-American, becoming the first woman in the history of the program to receive such an award. She is making big plays on and off the court, and her humility through it all is a true testament of her journey to the top.

Although Fogt is leading the NCAA Division II in rebounds per game, but she wasn’t always the superstar she is now: “In junior high I never played … in any of the sports that I played. I wasn’t very athletic.” Fogt added that it’s been a long journey and that she never imagined she would be in the place she is now.

On the academic side of things, Fogt also had her fair share of struggles coming into Hillsdale. Recounting her “wakeup call” experience once classes began, she told me that she “had no idea how rigorous the classes would be at Hillsdale.” As a freshman, Fogt was mostly challenged in taking courses from the core that were outside of her comfort zone. Courses like Western Heritage and Great Books tested her limits as they were not what Megan, a Biology major, particularly enjoyed. Despite, the tough course load, Fogt stepped up to the challenge and put in the hours of studying.

Fogt, now a junior, earned a 4.0 GPA last fall—a phenomenal feat all by itself—and dribbled her way to the top of the NCAA through hard work and insane dedication. When asked what her secret was, Megan responded that she didn’t have anything special—just an iron will to succeed. Megan Fogt sets a great example for all of the student athletes here at Hillsdale.

Looking ahead, the Lady Chargers are gearing up for the GLIAC tournament in March. Fogt showed great optimism and enthusiasm about the tournament, as per usual, saying that she believes the team can take down the number one seed, Wayne State, in the first game. “When we come to play, we come to play!” she said, relaying to me how the team only barely lost to the Warriors during the regular season.

Luke Daigneault is currently a freshman at Hillsdale College, majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy. Luke runs for the cross-country and track teams and is involved in the Fairfield-Gadfly Group on campus.