Wolfram teaching online course

Economics 101

Filming Economics 1018-20-2013Hillsdale has recently added Economics 101 to its online course list. The free course consists of ten lectures given by Dr. Gary Wolfram and by Dr. Larry P. Arnn.

For those contemplating whether or not to take the course, Dr. Wolfram provides a convincing argument for how the course is a valuable use of time. Wolfram explains, “If you don’t understand how markets work, then you are likely to ask for public policy which is going to be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve.”

He further argues that the course is valuable even to those who already somewhat understand the free market because they will be able to better communicate to others the reasons behind their beliefs, and they will be equipped to “win the battle of ideas.”

Are you equipped to win the battle? Sign up now for Economics 101 to better understand the free market.