Student in Heritage Room

The Heritage Room

Written by Victoria Barry

Tucked away in the corner of the library there is a special room. The Heritage Room, colloquially referred to as the “Eagle Room” because of the abundance eagle statues dotting the walls, shelves, and tables, was constructed in 1994 during the extension of Mossey Library. In association with then-president George Roche, donor Bob Richardson sponsored the creation of the Richardson Heritage Room.

Roche and Richardson’s vision was to create a space furnished with original copies of the most important works in Western Heritage. Works by Aristotle and the Founding Fathers hold prominent positions on the Heritage Room shelves. A signed copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses illustrated by Henri Matisse and a signed edition of a medieval work translated by Herbert Hoover are also included in this collection. The most expensive book, and one of the oldest, is an early copy of Locke’s Treatises.

This richly furnished, comfortable room houses other, non-literary treasures including an original Edward Hicks painting: Signing the Declaration of Independence. Hicks—a nineteenth century primitive style painter—created only three original copies of this painting, each one slightly different from the others. The Carus Coin Collection currently on display in the Heritage Room includes a wide array of coins from different time periods and areas of the world.

Hillsdale is extremely grateful for Bob Richardson’s legacy of the Heritage Room, as well as his numerous years of friendship with and service to Hillsdale College. Head librarian Dan Knoch says of the room: “It’s big . . . a lot of people can get in there at one time. It is a comfortable room, and there is a lot of shelf space. What I like most about the Heritage Room is that the students enjoy it, they get a lot of use out of it.”

Make sure to stop by this beautiful study spot and explore the great tradition of our Western Heritage.

Victoria BarryVictoria Barry, ’16, is majoring in English with a classical education minor. She is the president of the A.A. Milne Society, an editor for the Tower Light, an active member of the Catholic Society, and a volunteer at Mary Randall Preschool.