freshman move in day

Things to Bring to College

Written by Morgen Bessmer

Moving at any point in your life is stressful, but moving from home to college is possibly the most daunting experience. I believe this is because no one really knows exactly what one may, or may not, need. Being a senior at Hillsdale College, and having moved nearly every semester, I now find myself a master of moving. For the new freshman on campus, here are some brings and do-not-brings.

*  *  *

  1. 2 sets of sheets
    I figured out this genius plan very quickly freshman year. Sometimes, the laundry room (and the rest of your dorm) is against you. With two sets you can move one to your basket, but still have sheets to sleep on, whenever you do get around to sleeping.
  2. Hangers
    The local Wal-Mart is always out of stock on moving day, because hangers are things that always seem to be left hanging around back at home. Be ahead of the curve – pack your own hangers.
  3. Hot pot
    For late night macaroni, Ramen, tea, and any other college staple that tickles your fancy.
  4. Rain Boots
    I ordered my pair on the first day of class, when it was pouring. If only I had had this blog post back when I first came here. Welcome to Michigan, where it rains off and on for months.
  5. Dinnerware
    Don’t tell your mother to bust out her china – I’m talking about one microwavable plate and bowl, along with a spoon and fork. These will be super helpful for dorm room cooking or heating up leftovers after your parents leave on parent’s weekend.
  6. A suit for the men and a good dress for the women
    Being a Hillsdale student you must always be ready to look your best for President’s ball, garden party, or formal.
  7. Octopus / Surge Protector
    Although the dorm rooms have plenty of outlets, one often needs to plug in multiple things, especially behind a desk. I have one octopus, and I have never moved without it.
  8. Laundry Basket
    No matter who you are, you will accumulate dirty clothes. I recommend having a bag or basket for these clothes to collect before you shell out the money to wash them. Which brings me to my next point.
  9. Quarters
    These are some of the most forgotten things freshman year. I had someone looking out for me, who told me to round up all the quarters I could find, jar them, and bring them up to the Dale with me. While there is a coin machine on campus, it is in the student union, which is nowhere near the laundry machine. It can be a little emotionally stressful when you have an exam, a hundred pages of reading, laundry, it’s raining, and you have no quarters. In which case, you’ll want to have those rain boots handy.
  10. Swimsuit
    Whether swimming in the pool, Bawbeese Lake, or for the Physical Wellness class, it is always a good idea to have a swimsuit nearby.

Morgen Bessmer is a senior Latin major and works as an assistant in the Admissions Department.