Classical Education

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The contemporary classical education movement, adhering to time-tested curricula and pedagogy, finds diverse expression in public, private, and home schools, and involves a variety of supporting institutions, such as school networks, institutes, societies, associations, and publishers. The Education Department at Hillsdale College collaborates with a wide variety of internal and external partners in this movement and forms future teachers and administrators for classical schools through departmental courses that impart a rich vision of the whole of classical education and knowledge of certain key facets it, as well as through a liberal arts teacher apprenticeship.    

What is Classical Education?

Classical Education is the pursuit of wisdom through a cultivation of intellectual virtue and an encouragement of moral virtue by means of a rich and ordered course of study, grounded in the liberal arts; ascending through humane letters, mathematics, natural science, philosophy, and theology; and yielding informed self-rule and a well-ordered understanding of human nature, the cosmos, and God.

Educational Philosophy


Central to any philosophy of education is one’s understanding of the human person. Truth is the proper object of the human mind.

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Liberal Arts

Hillsdale College student tutoring at Hillsdale Academy.

We believe that the liberal arts in particular and liberal education in general are the surest, most time-tested way to direct students toward a life that is truly free.

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