Sciences and Mathematics


Exploring the Power and Beauty of the Numerical World

Properly understood, mathematics is a creative undertaking, a quest to see the world in a new way, to understand the essence of a given problem and solve it imaginatively and efficiently, to gain a vision for the interrelations, combinations, abstractions and generalizations of number, time, and space. This vision for how mathematics ought to be studied sets the mathematics department at Hillsdale College apart through its commitment not just to provide instruction in various mathematical topics but to develop genuine creativity in its students. Graduating with a math major or minor from Hillsdale means not only encountering the ideas of algebra, analysis, and topology, but engaging in conversations about the relationships and applications of such ideas, delving deeply into the explanations and proofs of mathematical truths, learning to think for yourself in an original and dynamic fashion about solved and unsolved problems, and building lasting relationships with professors who guide you in your pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Mathematics is offered as both a major and minor.