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Welcome to Hillsdale College Career Services. As you probably know, Hillsdale is a unique place dedicated to the principles of freedom and liberty and committed to teaching the lasting truths found in our liberal arts core curriculum.

But you might be wondering, “How does that lofty exercise prepare my student for life in the modern, working world.” Incredibly well, actually.

Hillsdale College is a boot camp for young minds. And the results, according to those who hire our graduates, are impressive. While we’re known for our classical liberal arts curriculum, there’s nothing outdated about it. Hillsdale students spend four years grappling with difficult, enduring, and far-reaching ideas. We expect them to rise to this challenge—and the demanding workload it requires—with nothing less than their best work.

It pays off.

They’re able to think on their feet and assess complex situations clearly. They’re poised and persuasive. And they have the character and work ethic that make them necessary to every team. If you’re wondering whether your child will be ready for life after College… we can assure you, Hillsdale graduates are.

Why Should Someone Hire a Hillsdale Graduate?

Take a deep dive into what makes the Hillsdale College education valuable to employers. With the help of our recent graduates, we show why small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies are eager to “Hire Hillsdale”.

Hire Hillsdale Brochure

View and download our Graduate Placement Report to see where recent Hillsdale students landed after graduation.

 Graduate Placement Report

College means Partnership.

When you become a part of the Hillsdale student body you become a part of the Hillsdale College community. For career purposes that community consists of a robust and energetic Career Network dedicated to the professional development of students and alumni. The network is comprised of alumni, parents, and friends of the College who have committed to partnering with our office to network, advise, mentor, and employ students and graduates at all stages of the career process.

Students can view the network members by their location, major, grad school program, industry of employment, and/or job title. Each member is tagged with the type of assistance they are willing to offer, so students know who to contact for a job shadow, formal mentoring, a quick phone call regarding a specific career path, graduate school advice, or relocation assistance – in the event they accept an internship in a strange, new city.

This dedicated community is available to students from day 1 and the support is life-long.

Career Services Open House during Parents' Weekend

Hillsdale Mentor Program

Research suggests that the odds of being engaged at work are 1.9x higher if a student had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams (Gallup-Purdue Index, 2015). Students at Hillsdale College have access to over 300 alumni across the country who are eager to serve as personal mentors. Participation in the program means that an alumnus will come alongside and coach, network, and support their goals and aspirations (whether that’s on-campus or looking ahead to graduation).

We provide resources and guidelines to prepare our mentors to serve their student well, and we also help the students understand what being a successful mentee looks like. A successful partnership between a mentor and a mentee can have lifelong consequences. We are thrilled to offer this program.

AJ's Cafe at Hillsdale College

On-Campus Student Employment

For students interested in making extra pocket change and contributing to the day-to-day Hillsdale operations, working on campus is a great opportunity! On-campus employment assists students in building resumes, becoming more involved, and pursuing leadership. Our campus offers a wide variety of employment opportunities based on interests and experience. Local businesses also love hiring Hillsdale students for part-time employment. Whether as a server, a jewelry store assistant, or an insurance office intern, there’s a job out there for you!

Admitted students can search and apply for jobs directly through Handshake, as soon as they receive their Hillsdale email and password.

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WHIP Students on Capitol Hill


The Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program (WHIP) provides Hillsdale College undergraduates the opportunity to participate in academically intensive, semester-long internships or teaching apprenticeships in the Washington, D.C., while continuing their Hillsdale education. WHIP students can intern for various organizations, ranging from the White House to the SEC to the Smithsonian. Those interested in teaching are able to apprentice at select charter and private schools in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area thanks to a special partnership with the College’s education department. Hillsdale’s Kirby Center serves as a base for the program, while the Hillsdale House (a renovated townhouse on Capitol Hill) provides a living space for many students.

Click here to find information on application timelines and the overall WHIP experience.

Click here to click through the WHIP viewbook.


Study Abroad

Hillsdale offers extensive options for off-campus study. Each program is designed to enrich a student’s learning with experience in a foreign country. While abroad, students remain enrolled with Hillsdale, receiving college credit for their participation, and continuing their study of the liberal arts.

To learn more about studying abroad, click here.



Handshake is our on-campus career/academic services platform for students. On Handshake, students have access to:

  • On-campus employment opportunities
  • Resume, cover letter, and interviewing resources
  • External internship and entry-level job opportunities
  • Event registrations for programs hosted by Career Services
  • View other students’ profiles to see best practices
  • Scheduling appointments with Career and Academic Services
  • A personal, customized profile viewable to companies approved by the College
  • Learn More about the Handshake platform
Student and teacher in the Eaton Computer Lab.


Career Services provides free access to two external resources capable of helping students better understand themselves and their potential career paths. These often serve as an ice breaker into the career conversation, which helps students feel more confident in choosing a direction. They are:

CliftonStrengths 34 is a nationally recognized assessment with features that include a personalized Strengths Insight Report, an Action-Planning Guide, and a web-based Strengths Community. This tool requires a survey that provides you with your top five personal skills. The Strengths Insight Report and Action-Planning Guide detail how your skills are best utilized for you in completely personalized documents.

Focus2 is a reliable, intuitive career & education decision making model to help students choose majors, explore occupations & make informed career decisions. The design engages students in the career planning process helping them to plan for and achieve career success throughout their lifetime. With this resource, students will take surveys on Work Interests, Personality, Leisure Interests, Values, and Skills. Focus2Career allows students to view careers corresponding with each category, as well as careers that correspond with two or more combined categories.

Job Fair

Programs and Events

Career Services provides many events for students, parents, and alumni throughout the academic year. These range from large career fairs, such as our Classical School Jobs Fair, to luncheons like our Entrepreneurship Panel Luncheon. Smaller events include talks by business professionals, financial planning workshops, and more!

Some of our notable events and programs include:

  • On-Campus Job & Internship Fair
  • Data Analytics and Visualization Course
  • Individual Employer Visits
  • Law School Visits & LSAT Prep Classes
  • Graduate School Admissions Presentations
  • Mock Interviewing with Parents
  • Networking with Alumni, Parents, and Friends
  • Explore Chicago, Fall Break Trip
  • Classical School Job Fair
  • Careers in Law Enforcement Talk
  • Trips to CPAC
  • Senior Series
  • Life after Hillsdale
  • Resume Workshops
  • Personal Statement Workshops
  • Beyond the Bubble Podcast – Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes

The office strives to provide events targeting student interest areas. Check out our blog to read up on the events mentioned above, and more!

Jobs or Internships for Students

If you are aware of any jobs or internships that might interest Hillsdale students, please contact John Quint, Director of Employer Relations, with this information.

John Quint  [email protected]