Philosophy & Religion

Adding Depth to Religious Discourse

Socrates said it first—the unexamined life is not worth living. In this joint major, one of the few of its kind, you will conduct such examination, asking the big questions that have been posed throughout history—and the ones that influence your everyday life. Your professors’ broad-based approach will encourage you to synthesize religious and philosophical concepts both old and new and learn to think about the world in a sensitive, scholarly, and spiritual way. Philosophy & Religion is offered as a major only.

Phi Sigma Tau

Student at Lectern

Phi Sigma Tau is the campus philosophy honorary that serves to award distinction to students having high scholarship and personal interest in philosophy.

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Theta Alpha Kappa

Dr. Westblade Teaching

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for academic studies in religion and theology, and it exists to encourage, recognize and maintain excellence in such studies.

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