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How Life Relates, Adapts, and Evolves

At Hillsdale, we aren’t afraid to put “What is the meaning of life?” front and center in your education. This major is an opportunity to answer that question from a biological perspective. You’ll look at how humans relate to their environment and how the process of evolution affects biological organisms. You’ll explore scientific ethics and the rights and responsibilities of being a scientist. All labs are taught by professors, not teaching assistants, and you’ll have access to the kind of equipment that’s often available only in graduate programs elsewhere. You’ll also conduct a lot of hands-on research—in fact, all biology majors are required to undertake a research project starting in their junior year. Biology is offered as both a major and minor.

Mission & Purpose

Biology Equipment

The mission of the Biology Department is to describe, in the context of a liberal arts background, how life relates, adapts and evolves in an ever-changing environment.

The purpose of the Hillsdale College Biology Department is to graduate students who know how to do science, understand man’s knowledge of the measurable living world, and are prepared for successful careers in biology.

A degree in biology gives one an understanding of what that means at the molecular, cellular, organismal and ecological levels. The biology curriculum at Hillsdale College is therefore not only aimed at providing a broad foundation in the biological sciences for subsequent specialized training in graduate or professional schools, for a career in teaching, or a career in industry, but also to prepare our graduates in terms of scientific literacy and make them aware of their responsibilities as biologists to their fellow citizens.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Student looking through a microscope

Research plays a major role in Biology Department’s curriculum. Both Biology Department faculty and students actively pursue research on a variety of topics.

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Biology Laboratories & Instrumentation

Professor peers into microscope

The biology department has multiple state-of-the-art laboratories fully-equipped with advance biological instrumentation.

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Beta Beta Beta

Biology Honorary group photo.

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study.

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Pre-Veterinary Club

Two students posing with a cheetah.

The Hillsdale College Pre-Veterinary Club exists to provide pre-veterinary students insights into graduate-school options and the application process, and to offer real-life opportunities to work with animals and veterinarians in the Hillsdale area.

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Summer Science Camps

Summer Science Camp participants in the biology lab.

Every summer, the departments in Hillsdale College’s Natural Sciences Division host summer science camps for high school students.

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