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Learn journalism by actually doing journalism. Our Herbert H. Dow II Program in American Journalism is devoted to the restoration of ethical, high-minded journalism standards and is home to two media outlets: The Collegian, our award-winning newspaper, and WRFH 101.7FM. You’ll get an extensive experience in print and broadcast journalism, as well as opportunities to lead your peers. When you combine your traditional academic major and core liberal arts background with journalism, you’ll get the training you need to think critically and communicate effectively to broad audiences. Hillsdale journalism alumni have continued on to careers at the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ESPN, National Review, Daily Beast, Nashville Public Radio, and many more. Journalism is offered as a minor only.

Pulliam Distinguished
Visiting Fellowship

Jonah Goldberg

Each semester, Hillsdale College invites a practicing journalist to spend a two-week residence on campus as a Eugene C. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Journalism. During this time, Pulliam Fellows teach a one-credit course for students, consult with the staff of the student newspaper, and deliver a public lecture.

Past Pulliam Fellows have included Richard Brookhiser,Tim Carney, Andrew Ferguson, Nolan Finley, Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes, Mark Hemingway, Mollie Hemingway, William McGurn, Naomi Schaefer Riley, P.J. O’Rourke, James Rosen, David Satter, Mark Steyn, Kimberley Strassel, Kevin Williamson, Lee Habeeb, and David Goldman.


Jillian Melchior is an editorial page writer at The Wall Street Journal. Previously, she worked as an investigative reporter for Heat Street and National Review, and was a senior fellow for the Independent Women’s Forum, a Tony Blankley fellow for the Steamboat Institute and a Robert Novak fellow. Jillian has covered free speech, higher education, organized labor, corruption, feminist and activist movements, and religious persecution. Her reporting has taken her around the world to Iraq, Ukraine, the Balkans, China, Hong Kong and elsewhere. She has appeared on Fox NewsFox BusinessMSNBC and Real Time with Bill Maher. Jillian’s writing has been featured in Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, Newsweek Japan, Commentary, The Detroit News and other publications.

The Collegian

Student reading Collegian

The purpose of the Hillsdale College student newspaper is to provide news and entertainment to the Hillsdale College community, as well as to give students an opportunity to learn and practice journalism.

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WRFH 101.7 FM

Hillsdale College Radio Station

WRFH, Hillsdale College’s student radio station, is open to all students who wish to take part in either on-air or behind-the-scenes roles in broadcast communication.

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Quayle Journalism Program

Journalism Students Working on the Collegian

The James C. Quayle Journalism Intern Program provides students an opportunity to serve summer internships at major media outlets. The program pays for transportation, lodging, and a weekly stipend during the internships, which usually last ten weeks.