McIntyre Dorm Room

Women’s Residence Halls

There are nine residence halls for women. Each residence hall has at least one microwave and toaster available for common use. Washers and dryers are also available for student use in each residence.

Double rooms are furnished with:

  • two single beds (box springs and mattresses)
  • mattress pads
  • two desks
  • two chairs
  • two desk lamps
  • draperies
  • two chests of drawers
  • one telephone jack
  • two Ethernet ports

Daily housekeeping services are provided in all residence halls by the College’s housekeeping staff. All public areas, hallways, and toilet bowls are cleaned daily. Rooms are swept, and sinks and showers are cleaned two times weekly, or more if time allows.

Benzing Residence

Benzing Dorm


Built in 1993, Benzing Residence is named after Christopher Benzing, a local businessman. There are fifty-six residents, most of whom are sophomores. The residence hall has both single- and double-occupancy rooms arranged in suites, with each suite sharing a bathroom.

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Dow House

Dow House


A Victorian-era villa built in the late-1850s, the Dow House is named after Lorenzo Dow, an 1887 alumnus who served the College as secretary-treasurer and on the Board of Trustees for twenty years. The fifteen sophomore and junior women who live in this residence are under the supervision of two student resident assistants.

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Mauck Residence


Built in 1927, Mauck Residence is named after Frances Ball Mauck, the wife of former College President Joesph William Mauck. The residence hall has a variety of single- and double-occupancy rooms. The forty-three upperclass women who live there are under the supervision of a student resident director.

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McIntyre Residence


McIntyre Residence is named after Brouwer D. and Jane E. McIntyre. The residence hall primarily houses freshmen and sophomore women, and there are 133 residents. Rooms are arranged in suites, with each suite sharing a bathroom. Rooms are 10′ x 18′ in size.

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Olds Residence

Olds Dorm

Built in 1960, Olds Residence is named after Metta Woodard Olds, former woman commissioner at Hillsdale College. Olds Residence features a unique central private courtyard. There are eighty freshmen women residents. Rooms are detached and 9′ x 12′ in size. All residents use community bathrooms.

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Waterman Residence


Built in 1939, Waterman Residence is named after Mabel Waterman. There are thirteen upperclass women living in this Tudor-style house. The residence hall is under the supervision of two resident assistants.

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The Suites

The Suites


Built in 2005, the Suites is home to upperclass women. Each suite is fully furnished and has a kitchenette, common area, four single bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. Residents who live here have the option of purchasing the 10-meal plan.

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