What to Expect Sophomore Year

Sophomore year differs, sometimes greatly, from freshman year, but with it come many exciting changes to appreciate.

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Everyone Enjoys a Serenade

Being a Hillsdale student can be tiring, and sometimes at the end of a long day, all you want is to sit down and enjoy some good music. This is part of what Sigma Alpha Iota provides to campus through their dorm serenades.

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A History of Joys through the Dow Residence

In an odd sequence of events, I knew I wanted to live in the Dow Residence, fondly known as the Paul House, even before I had been accepted into Hillsdale. The house’s history was intriguing, but I have found something even more special in the house’s community.

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A Community of Study

Studying with friends isn’t something I did in high school, but it has helped strengthen my study habits, helped me build friendships, and familiarized me with beautiful places around campus.

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Beautiful Connections

Many students at Hillsdale are interested in both science and music. This overlap may seem surprising but is made easier in an environment that encourages excellence in all skills, not just those in your major.

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Students on Stories

Three freshmen who write fiction for fun discuss how storytelling impacts their lives as students.

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An Acquaintance with Buildings

Just as classes begin with definitions and names of key terms, I like to begin my acquaintance with buildings by learning the significance of their names. Buildings named after persons who contributed to the legacy of Hillsdale provide an interesting peephole into the story of the College.

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