People and Politics of Israel

When I found out I was selected to participate in the Passages January trip to Israel, I was stoked for different reasons. I was convinced that visiting the biblical places of the Holy Land I had heard and read about since childhood would be the highlight of my trip.

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Behind Good Men Are Great Moms

When I consider the many tasks and habits I perform from day to day, I realize the profound impact of my mother’s consistent love and instruction. As I asked other guys to share the impact their mothers have had on them, I was moved by the importance mothers hold across Hillsdale’s campus.

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Why I Chose Hillsdale: Josh Bailey

Ambitious and dedicated to serving my country, I had no thought of Hillsdale College as a seventeen-year-old senior in high school. No, I was going to the US Naval Academy.

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Unified by Truth

“Do you have any older siblings who went to Hillsdale?” I’m always surprised and slightly perplexed as to why so many students continue a family legacy. After talking with a few current students who had siblings also attend Hillsdale, some of the mystery was revealed.

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Time for a Study Break

There comes a point in every college student’s week when a fifteen-minute break scrolling through Instagram just does not cut it. Because we are no exception to this rule, here is a list of the myriad activities that both the College and city provide students who need relief from the rigor of Hillsdale College academics.

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Galloway’s “No Man Left Behind” Mentality

“We try to emphasize the ‘no man left behind’ mentality,” said Calvin, a resident assistant in Galloway Dormitory. “Everyone knows everyone, and everyone includes everyone. If I am leaving to go do something on campus, I will stop by other guys’ rooms to see if they want to come along.”

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A Shared Mission to Defend the Constitution

Lt. Col. Michael Murray’s interest in the military was rooted in his family heritage. No, military service was not a Murray family tradition. In fact, Michael’s father was an Irish immigrant. But preserving the freedoms that gave his father the opportunity to immigrate drove Michael to service in the armed forces.

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Spirit Week: Simpson’s Challenge

Virtus tentamine gaudet. Hillsdale College is widely known for its high-minded pursuit of excellence. But there exists one week out of the school year when students rejoice in more than just an academic challenge and lose sleep over more than just their GPA. This is Spirit Week.

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