The Weight of Education

A liberal arts education is more than simply a core curriculum. It is an education in the questions that burden the hearts of every human being.

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The orchestra, choir, and jazz bands are thrilling to listen to and help us unwind from the stress of daily work, but the friend down the hall with a guitar and some basic chords can also unite an entire evening.

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Let The Boys Play

Sometimes the men of Hillsdale just need to unwind a bit and fight a good old-fashioned naval battle.

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Why I Chose Hillsdale: The Power of Paradox

The more I study, the more I realize the world doesn’t make sense. But at the same time, it is packed with so much meaning that it demands my attention. This is the paradox of my college decision.

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Hillsdale’s Tall Tales

When you come to Hillsdale, you are entering a story. Many years’ worth of quirky traditions and legends serve to unite us throughout our college days, as we too leave our mark.

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The night is clear, listen…

I arrive home late after treading the length of campus. I climb into bed exhausted but filled with the sights and sounds of Hillsdale and a clearer appreciation of all it has to offer.

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