Where Dreams Go to Die (Kind of)

As we sprinted toward the sideline, I knew it was going to be close. He finally saw his opening and began to cut up the field just inches in front of me. I dove with arms fully extended toward the two yellow flags trailing behind his belt. For a moment, the world slowed as I hovered above the field of Frank “Muddy” Waters Stadium.

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A Chorus of Faith

Music not only helps us with our studies, but more importantly, it gives us a way to express our faith, whether that be in the dorm with a guitar and a few hymns, or in the chapel with a majestic organ and a beautiful chamber choir.

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Assured of Their Condition

In a world where generational ties are hard to maintain, Hillsdale helps to foster relationships between its students and those donors who provide so much. These ties between old and young are formed through education, tradition, and a desire to care for the world in its becoming.

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“A Moveable Feast”: Returning to Galloway

In the men’s dormitories, upperclassmen and resident assistants work hard to maintain a stable dorm culture with each incoming class of freshmen. So when Galloway Dormitory closed down for a whole academic year for remodeling, upperclassmen were understandably nervous.

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Welcome to AJ’s Café

One of the more iconic places for students to gather, AJ’s Café has a little bit of everything. From good food to study sessions, it’s one of the best spots to see daily Hillsdale community in action.

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All Will Be Received: Off-Campus Life at Hillsdale

“There is someone right here who knows you more than you do, who is making room on the couch, who is fixing a meal, who is putting on your favorite record, who is listening intently to what you have to say, who is standing there with you… This is where you belong.” —Sufjan Stevens, Michigan

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As Flies to Wanton Boys

When registration week rolls around, students scramble to figure out which classes they want to take and how to manage their schedules in the upcoming semester. Thankfully, there are a few tricks to making registration a little easier.

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Oh what a Lovely Day! Adventures in a Chrysler

When a semester starts to wind down, students from far away suddenly realize that they have to get home! There are few things that build stronger friendships between odd assortments of students than a good ole’ Hillsdale carpool. This is the tale of the Great Minnesota Caravan.

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Hillsdale’s Own Heorot

Hillsdale’s dining hall is a place where leisure, friendship, and thought come together to bring vitality to our community of learners—not unlike Hrothgar’s great hall in Beowulf.

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The Weight of Education

A liberal arts education is more than simply a core curriculum. It is an education in the questions that burden the hearts of every human being.

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The orchestra, choir, and jazz bands are thrilling to listen to and help us unwind from the stress of daily work, but the friend down the hall with a guitar and some basic chords can also unite an entire evening.

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Let The Boys Play

Sometimes the men of Hillsdale just need to unwind a bit and fight a good old-fashioned naval battle.

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