First Registration

While enjoying the excitement of a new semester, it’s easy to dismiss the chaotic ten minutes that brought you to your carefully selected Great Books class. Panicked times of class registration will forever be some of my most amusing and beloved college memories.

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Savor the Moment.

Two Hillsdale College alumni reminisce on their time here and discuss the importance of the conversations we have in college.

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Getting Along with the College’s Motto

Virtus tentamine gaudet, for Hillsdale students, is a unifying motto and the College’s promise of commitment to our education, not something to fear. I learned this quickly from alumni as I tried to decide whether to apply here, from my experience visiting campus, and now as I live it out freshman year.

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How Hillsdale Marches for Life

Standing up for what you believe in can be difficult in today’s culture. My college education has empowered me to embrace my passion for the March for Life and its cause.

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