Hillsdale’s Unlikely Friendships

With its diverse range of extra-curricular activities, religious groups, and required core classes, it’s no surprise that Hillsdale College brings folks together who might not otherwise be best friends.

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From Counting Bacteria to Analyzing Poetry

“Can such old books really hold my interest?” Judy Moreno wondered, a question asked by many freshmen who crack open the The Odyssey with trepidation.

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An Unexpected Love

Before I decided to attend Hillsdale, I was dead set on double majoring in English and Chinese somewhere. I took Mandarin throughout high school, studied abroad in China, and worked at a Taiwanese bubble tea shop frequented by Asian customers. Halfway fluent in Chinese, I wanted to finish what I’d started.

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From Robotics to Religion

After he received a scholarship to pursue his master’s degree in Scotland, Dr. Jordan Wales studied cognitive science overseas for a year—this after having studied engineering with a focus in robotics in undergrad. How did Hillsdale’s newest religion professor switch from being a robotics student to being caught up in the deepest wonder of the human soul?

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Leaders and Friends: How I Found the Liberal Arts in Israel

Each night in Israel brought its own delights and revelations, but our time spent with the students of Ein Prat was unforgettable.

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Spotlight on Dr. Theobald and Dr. Rose

Last year, Hillsdale College hired two new French professors, Dr. Anne Theobald and Dr. Sherri Rose. I was able to sit down with both professors and discuss their experience both with the study of French and at Hillsdale.

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Five Reasons You Should Study Spanish

Spanish is not only a beautiful Romance language, but it’s also spoken by a huge portion both of the U.S. and the rest of the world. Here are some of the best reasons to study Español at Hillsdale.

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From Struggling Writer to English Major

Like the rest of Hillsdale, Matt took his two Great Books core English classes, and like so many Hillsdale students, he struggled to write good papers at first. “Failing to produce a clear reading of a text on Great Books made me really want to see what it was like to know what was going on in a book and be able to express it,” Matt says.

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A Tesla Coil and Tea: Life in the Physics Basement

This semester, I joined three of my physics-major friends on a club trip to see the MSU cyclotron, which is a world-class research facility. As an English and French major, the physics lingo was all Greek to me, but Cody Jessup, Josh Ramette, and Michael Tripepi’s enthusiasm for science was contagious, and the trip gave me a deeper respect for, and curiosity about, what they love.

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When the Exam Ends

“So, do you have any questions for me?” I was putting on my backpack, about to leave a French oral exam. A little surprised, I saw that Madame Theobald was giving me an encouraging smile.

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Numbers and Notes

Hannah Andrews is a junior math major, a member of the Kappa Mu Epsilon math honorary, and co-founder and president of Hillsdale’s Actuarial Club, the discipline combining math and statistical methods to assess risks in investing and finance.

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Out of My Element

As a junior English and French major, I’ve finally summoned the courage to take my core science classes. This semester, I entered Strosacker Science Building for the first time, feeling more than a little intimidated by the thought of balancing equations and wearing lab goggles. Within the first few minutes of my Chemistry 101 class, however, Dr. Hamilton’s kindness and sense of humor put me at my ease.

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