Taste of Manning

That Saturday the street was blocked off, and students could wander the street, taste the different foods, and hang out in the beer tent provided by SAB, all while listening to live music. Taste of Manning was a hit.

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Writing for Fun

As we submerse ourselves in ancient literature or classical music, we tend to forget there are important ideas to be considered in the present. Enter a space for students to share their interests and ideas with the student body outside of class: The Forum.

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Why I Chose Hillsdale: Lydia Hall

Although the cold winds and rolling hills did not appeal to me as the mountains and forests of my home, after I sat in on my first English class, I knew I had to attend Hillsdale College.

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Summer Session: A Mini Retreat

One class, five days a week, hundreds of pages to read: the perfect way to start the summer. People talk about learning languages through full immersion, so why not Hemingway and Fitzgerald?

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