On the Run in Hillsdale

Are you a runner? Wondering what the running scene is like on and around Hillsdale’s Campus? Check out this list for a few ideas.

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The Halfway House: A Surprising History

Join me on a little dive into the surprising history of off-campus culture at one of Hillsdale College’s off-campus houses.

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A Brief Literary History of Hillsdale College

Hillsdale students have been committed to studying great literature since 1844 and to producing it for almost as long, an effort that has led to today’s student publications, including The Tower Light, The Forum, and The Collegian. But how did these publications begin?

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Rethinking Social Media

After reading an article on Twitter last year, Dr. Kelly Scott Franklin reconsidered his use of social media—and decided to close his accounts. See how he’s kept up the conversation since leaving traditional platforms behind.

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Hillsdale’s Necessary Society

Because intellectual discussions can also be lively, social, entertaining, and immediately applicable. And what better way to unwind on a Friday night than to discuss the death penalty over a steaming bowl of chili?

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Penny’s: Coffee and Community

When temperatures dropped to a frigid -15 degrees with wind chills as low as -35 degrees, the usually bustling life on campus slowed to a glacial crawl. But the cold couldn’t keep students away from the warm and friendly atmosphere of the College’s newest coffee shop, Penny’s.

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Office Hours Observations

In addition to being fantastic academic resources and mentors, our professors have amazing stories to tell and experiences to share that we leave unknown when we don’t visit them and, at least once in a while, let the office space as well as the professor speak to us.

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Creating Beautiful Study Spaces

While it may not always be possible to take leisurely time to appreciate the beauty of what we study, it is at least important to take the time once in a while to surround ourselves with beauty.

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Lessons in Storytelling: Approaching the Unfamiliar with Visiting Writer Dennis Covington

Visiting Writer Dennis Covington spent time on campus sharing his gift for storytelling with English majors and Journalism students. Beyond this, however, Mr. Covington taught us an important lesson in seeing humanity in the most unfamiliar and uncomfortable of situations.

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