Motherhood: A Great Work

Elizabeth Schlueter, wife of Dr. Nathan Schlueter and mother to eight children, is a vibrant woman with a keen vision of motherhood. The following are Elizabeth’s thoughts on the goodness and importance of homemaking and mothering.

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A Shared Gift: When Siblings’ Time at Hillsdale Overlaps

Faith Liebing is a senior, and her sister Abby is a freshman. Both see their one year together at Hillsdale College as a great gift.

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A Higher Pursuit

The rigors of track come with their necessary limitations, but Kathryn Bassette lives by the words, “Whatever you do, don’t do it halfway.”

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Baker Unknown: The Enduring Tradition of Waterman Tea

Weekly tea at Waterman Dorm spans the last decade or more. No one quite knows when it began, but before the weekly tea there was an annual party at Waterman open to all of campus.

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Comfort Ye My People

This was the year of “Messiah,” sung every four years at the College, and we were glad to have the chance to sing something so glorious.

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From Hayfields to Hillsdale

“Why did you come to Hillsdale?” my professor asked me as I sat in his office. When I graduated from high school, hazy ideas about my future peppered the horizon, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do because I didn’t know who I was.

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To Parents, Teachers, Friends, and Donors – Thank You

College life the week before Thanksgiving Break would be like one really long run-on sentence of last-minute meetings and assignments if the Student Activities Board and 1844 Society didn’t conspire together to insert a dash of gratitude into our lives.

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Discover Hillsdale in the Fall

It’s hard to stay inside as leaves whirl before the warm October wind. It’s like the blue skies are raining gold. The beautiful weather this autumn has made it the perfect opportunity to explore Hillsdale and the surrounding countryside.

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A Call to Gather

Since the re-institution of Convocation at Hillsdale in the 1980s, students and faculty have gathered in the fall, and again in the spring, for this all-school ceremony. Faculty process down the church aisle in the robes and colors of their alma maters, and students cram the balconies. The contrast is stark between the rush and clamor of everyday life on campus and these stately, solemn events.

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Music in the Community

Music in the Community offers Hillsdale students the opportunity to sing at a nearby nursing home every Sunday afternoon. This past week we gathered to join voices with the residents in their sunny dining room.

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The Everyday Life of a Warrior: The Churchill Fellowship

Funded by generous contributions, the Churchill Fellowship offers a group of nine graduate and undergraduate students the unique opportunity of transcribing Churchill’s documents, researching, and editing volumes before publication, as well as working on the Churchill blog.

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The Danger of the Liberal Arts

“There is some danger in the liberal arts,” Dr. Fennell told us in that first lecture. “If you wanted to stay where you’re at, you should have become a dental hygienist.” I didn’t tell him that in my childhood, entering the world of cavities and dental chasms had been my modest aspiration. But something other than my idea of common sense propelled me into the astonishing world of Dr. Fennell’s classroom, and into an uncommon store of wisdom.

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