Learning How to Live

“As a high school senior, I was dead-set against coming to Hillsdale College,” Victoria Fassett confesses. “My mom actually forced me to visit the campus.”

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Miriam Winter Lecture and Interview

Miriam Winters was a six-year-old child living in Lodz, Poland when World War II began. The Nazis first relocated her family to the infamous Warsaw ghetto, then to the Ozarow ghetto; however, Miriam’s parents managed to sneak her out of the ghetto with help of a sympathetic stranger.

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Aubrie Lupo on Personal Essays

Writing the personal essay can be one of the most daunting parts of the college application process. As a significant portion of the college admissions application, the personal essay is meant to display the unquantifiable elements of a prospective student’s personality, character, ability, and life experiences.

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